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Are you ready for bringing your business to the next level?

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Our “two-stage website promotion and advertising platform” will ensure you get loads of super targeted visitors to your website and an extremely effective system to follow them up, making your business to grow – FAST!

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The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

Using our agency for your website promotion and business marketing are supposed to be a laidback experience for you.

After an initial setup phase, you can revert back to focus on what you do best – making your own business thrive – and let us do all the legwork for the various promo campaigns.

You will soon enough experience the effects of the campaigns and – if I may say so – you’d better be prepared for all the new customers coming your way!

There is no shortcuts here, all campaigns, both those articles, videos, podcasts and PPT made for promotion of your website and the re-targeting text and video campaigns are completely unique, made from scratch, for you and your business only!

We Solve Real Problems

what WE can do for you?

Considering the average advertising budget for a small business to be in the range of 6000 USD to 11 000 USD a month, our product dramatically cuts your promo spendings and increase your profit.

We offer two different, high-end, stand-alone, products that each will have a significant positive effect on your business.

Together they are pure Dynamite! and the complete package only costs 2 495 USD/month.


Website Promotion Package

The website promotion package will, by various media types, promote your site and selected keywords to more than 400 different media outlets, many of them very well known, others probably not that “famous” but still with very high authority. Away from generating actual visitors from those media outlets, Google and other search engines will also give your website a boost in ranking.

Retargeting Package

The retargeting advertising package will use text- and video-ads to reach out to all those that have visited your website (and social media pages you may have) on multiple media platforms using a proven method of building up brand recognition and buying interest from all.

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