We Help Render Your Website And Web Content ‘ADA Compliant’ Which Saves You Tens Of Thousand In Lawsuits!

. . . PLUS Gives Your Business A ‘Foot In The Door’ Into The $650B/Year ‘Untapped Disability Market’

Is Your Website ADA Compliant? . . . AND Why It Is Important!

Something is currently going on and it’ll only be a matter of time before it gets to you or your company!

Website owners are being targeted and sued for a law they are ignorant of . . .

It’s the ‘ADA’ act which requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content.

ADA Lawsuits as seen and commented on TV. Scary Stuff!

Fox Business News

ABC Action News

NBC News

National Association Of Realtors

No One Is Safe.
Doesn’t Matter If You’re A:

Local Biz Owner

Online Marketer


Doctor, Dentist Or Specialist

Ecom Store Owner

Or Own A Website

ADA provides that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies . . .

Get A FREE Review Of Your Website And Web Contents For ADA Compliance Today . . .

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American’s with Disability Act [ADA] . . . Many Have Fallen Victim, You May Just Be Next!

Note: The law provides no time for a company to take action before a lawsuit is filed, and it offers no real defense to a company after a lawsuit has been filed!

Get A FREE Review Of Your Website And Web Contents For ADA Compliance Today . . .

There are so many benefits to having your website/web content  ADA Compliant . . .

Avoid Nasty and Costly Lawsuits That Suck Your Bank Accounts Dry . . .

Rank Higher In The Search Engines With Less Effort . . .

Profit From the $650 Billion Disabled Market With A Capital ‘B’

... Plus Tap Into The $650Billion/Year Disability Market

If you ever thought that the blind, deaf and physically challenged don’t use the internet or shop online just like you do then you need to have a RE-THINK!

Having your website/web contents ADA compliant gives you an easy ‘Foot In The Door’ into this multi-billion dollar disability market!


But How Do You Get Your Website To Be ADA Compliant

Truth is, it’s not close to being easy . . .

You’ll have to go through TONS AND TONS of assets HOPING that you’ll get everything compliant on your site.

And even if you take care of current items on your site, what about all the other pages, files, videos, audio files, and more that are lurking in the dark recesses of your server that you’ve forgotten about?

"To try and sort through each and every one of these items, making sure they are ADA compliant could take you weeks or even months!"

Not to mention that you need to make sure that you:

But We’ve Got You A Better Way . . .

Why not seatback, while we help you get your websites and ALL your web contents ADA compliant in a flash . . .

Let Us Bring Our Experience Into Play And Help You Get Your Website & Web Content ADA Compliant In A Flash . . .

Guess What . . . ADA is Great For SEO Too!

Becoming ADA compliant simply means making your site more accessible . . .

Did you know that having an accessible website is so important that Google gives it more relevance than one that isn’t accessible?

So by not having an accessible website for disabled people, you could be losing out on a ton of potential customers which means losing out on more potential revenue.

Just another reason to get your web content to be ADA Compliant now!


Today is your good day, Don’t procrastinate . . . Or risk going to court soon!

ADA Compliance Bundle

Your Best Bet to Protect Your WebSite from Lawsuits
$ 139 + $19 / Monthly maint fee
  • ADA Compliance Widget
  • Preliminary On-Site Report
  • Post On-Site Report
  • Add ADA Comply Page/Statement to site
  • Monthly Followup report

Actually a good question. 

If your web site already has any kind of ADA compliance measures installed, you should already have an idea of how to check this out, however, if you do not – and chances are quite big you are not – please have a look at our installed widget.

When you sign up for our service, we will provide you with a Preliminary On-Site report.  This will contain important information with regards to what issues our scanning of your site are able to identify. You are strongly recommended to, as best as practicable possible, try to remedy any of the comments.

Upon request, we may provide you this preliminary report for free. Just use our contact form and it shall be on it’s way within short time. Just remeber to give us proper details of the web-site and your contact details.

It is a sad fact that ADA compliance for web-sites has become an “industry” where some – (I underline) some (as in few)- people with disabilities are making a living out of suing website owners, absolutely including the small business segment all the way down to small family run businesses. Ecommerce stores definitely in the limelight as well. A typical settlement will cost something like $35 000 and that is on top of you being enforced to make your web-site ADA compliant. 

Personally, I would have liked to write about the positive approach to this – namely – that we of course should make our websites accessible for people with disabilities simply because (of course) we do want to welcome anyone at our sites. 


The answer of the question has to be a LOUD AND CLEAR YES

A website needs to be ADA compliant if operating within the USA

Well, Nothing happens before someone with a lawsuit in mind visits your site. (Problem is that this is entirely out of your control)

So up against you you have a raised awareness with regards to ADA Compliance for web-sites, and you have a number of lawsuits trending upwards. 

If you are not at all prepared and have not done anything at all with your web-site, you are doomed to lose and the best thing you can do is to aim for an expensive settlement.

Using the same widget that we have in use here on our site will do a few things for your web-site that is quite important:

  1. Will let your website meet all (or most) of the ADA requirements for AA rating
  2. Will give you evidence that you have been proactive and certainly are actively aiming for being in compliance with regulations.
  3. The second bullet point will give you a very good start-point in any lawsuit and will most likely repel off those that are looking for websites to sue.

The preliminary site report will be an analyze of all findings that our “bot” finds when crawling your website, upfront of installing the ADA Widget.

If nothing have been done with your site before (in this regard), you may expect it to be quite extensive.

You are recommended to keep this report as it will identify items that makes your website in breach with ADA compliance.

This report can be requested for free using our contact form.

The ADA Compliance Widget is what you see in use here at our site, you find it as a “wheelchair”-icon on  RED Background

The Widget contains the following functions:

  1. Text to Speech 
  2. Dsplay Mode – multiple choises of contrasts and colors
  3. Magnification of area
  4. Cursor select – choose bigger cursor
  5. Highlighting of links
  6. Text Spacing
  7. Readable font
  8. Highlighting of Headlines

The Post On-Site Report is a report you may use as a part of for example your “Privacy” pages to show that you have the Widget installed and that that are meeting most of the ADA comply requirements. 

We will provide you with a small html-code snippet that has to be inserted into your web-sites header or footer.

As there are quite many web-site builder out there, it is not possible to give general instructions and you need access to editing the website to install it. For a web-savvy, this is not complicated at all.

We may help if requested to do so, but it requires access to the website.

As mentioned, we will make a preliminary report, and we will also send you the post-report.

In addition, (as you can see on our site – if you open the widget) there is a third report generated as a statement of compliance which will be found as a link out from the widget. You may also add this report as a page in your privacy pages.

We are having a low maintenance fee of $19 for following up with your site and leaving the ADA Compliance Widget active.

Quite many are adding content to their sites on a regular basis and this may need to be covered by the widget as well.

Important : We did our best to cover everything required for compliance according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as laid down by the WCAG standard 2.0 laid down by the W3C Consortium, BUT this may not be 100% enough to meet the complete ADA requirements of your business. Please make sure you get an independent review done by an expert to understand what other measures you might need to take in addition to this plugin.