Targeted Digital Marketing Package

Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign

– Only $995/month $695 first month and $495/month thereafter

Please spend 3 minutes on the introductionary video below,

it will explain the basic of why it is important to run a retargeting campaign

Now that you have seen the video, you have an idea of where we are heading, but our product IS NOT a straight forward retargeting campaign – it is a well structured one and very different from what is offered by other agencies.

Whats Unique?

What makes our Targeted Digital Marketing Campaign Stand Out from the Crowd, Making it  Super Effective and to Cost Pennies on the Dollar?

Let your business take advantage of the most powerful and effective advertising system to increase sales by as much as 40% while reducing the cost per lead by as much as 89%. Thats 2 1/2 cents for a follow up!

Whats Unique?

First – A look at the common style retargeting:

To explain whats unique with our package it is neccessary to explain what a straight run retargeting campaign looks like.

Because retargeting has been around for some time, and you shall not surf much around on the net before you starts to be followed by ads offering a product or service that you have been looking at.

Such campaigns are gaining more and more popularity amongst small businesses today, but (of course) it was the major players like Google, Facebook and Amazon that started with it.

In my opinion, Not all campaigns are a success, ads for travels and tickets may not be that attractive – after you have made your purchase – or getting offers for similar products at Amazon – after completing the checkout.

Below is two screenshots of a company bombarding me with their offer just in writing moment.

There is not much to say about the ads, they are OK, but what I am missing is all that our campaign takes care of.

Because I have seen the same advertisement for almost two weeks now, not much of variation,it is the same ads repeatedly displayed.

I am starting to suffer from ad-blindness and also to get annoyed by their ads.

Yet again, you will not have an effective campaign by copying this companys strategy and that is what our campaign will take care of.

Our Digital Marketing Package is set up with three types of ads.

Offer, Review and Branding ads. In addition comes the Seasonal ads to cover any kind of special event you are covering (Christmas, Black Friday, Mother and Fathers day etc.)

  • Our Unique Retargeting Campaigns:

I shall try to explain without being too technical as you will find a more specific description  below.

You are strongly recommended to take the time to watch the webinar replay below as this truly will give you a very good walkthrough of the system and what results you shall expect.

Our bullet point

In short, here you have the reasons that we are different and stands out from the crowd:

  • We will set up the Omni Pixel and Tracking system for you.
  • We will make 3 sets of ads – a total of 126 different ads for you. 
  • We will set up the campaigns properly so they are scheduled right, making sure you rotate the ads (on individual visitor level) to avoid “banner blindness” and also track interaction so you stop “bombarding” visitors that have turned into customers.
  • We will make new ad campaigns on a monthly basis and change out some of your old
  • You are going to have monthly and quarterly follow ups and performance reports. Nothing is left out.

In the webinar, the values of the various services thats included comes with a price tag as if you was to outsource the tasks separately. You pay only $995,- (Special Offer right now $695 first month and $495/month thereafter)

There exist different ways to get traffic to your website, our Website Promotion Package without doubt the one giving you the most “laser targeted” and valuable visitors you can ask for, however, retargeting is the only advertising that improves any other advertising or paid traffic campaigns you may have.

Our Targeted Digital Marketing Package will assure your ads are to be seen “OmniPresent” i.e – “everywhere” your visitor may browse. The above are advertising channels thats used.

As a result of the broad selection of advertising channels, your ads will also be found on various display network platforms where some quite recognizable brands are present.

Here are the scheduling plan that we are following for displaying ads.

45 min Video explains everyting about our Digital Marketing Campaign

Highly recommended and “mandatory”! Watch below!

What You need to do to get started:

  • You start the process by clicking any of the “buy”-buttons on the site
  • You will be taken to a page for registering your contact details and also initiate the purchase.
  • After completing the purchase, you will be taken to the “Thank You Page” where you will be able to schedule your onboarding call.
  • The onboarding call is where you will discuss and agree to what shall be covered in your campaign and where you may provide graphics, logos, customer feedback and so on for us to best present your business in the adverts.

What we will do when we get your order:

  • Upon receiving your order, we will schedule your Onboarding Call 
  • We will take care of the Account Linking (GTM, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube,  Instagram) and further  process the Remarketing pixel creation and implementation via Google Tag Manager 
  • Our team of professionals will set up the Remarketing campaign (including ad copy, audience targeting and ad extensions) 
  • As we proceed we will support you with:
  • Monthly report and Bi-weekly Account Management and Optimizations
  • Ongoing offer/ad rotation based on a proven remarketing calendar 
  • Seasonal Ad Rotation 
  • Quarterly campaign review calls

Did the video make sense? Ready to dramatically increase your sales and reduce your ad spendings?

Overwhelming? Information overload?

Yes – It is somewhat understandable – IF this is the first time you are learning about retargeting and Retargeting DONE RIGHT

However, if you are representing one of those small businesses that already have a marketing budget and adspendings in range of $6 000 to $11 000, retargeting in it self will likely not be unfamiliar, and you clearly see the value of our product.

So – Just to recap what you have learned so far:

This is for local business owners who want to attract more customers, clients, or patients specifically for the products and services that make them the most money for the least effort, and give them the most fulfilment.

You may be an experienced small business owner, used to handle advertising strategies and budgets or you can for sure be an owner that wants to start actively promote your business aiming for purchasing the most effective way of advertising..

Lets go through some of the main figures from the presentations:

  • This system is PROVEN to increase sales by as much as 40% While reducing Cost Per Lead by as much as 89% – You’ll find out how to use the “Omni Pixel System” in your business today…
  • Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert by 70%
  • 91% Of Businesses Are Leaving 10%, 15%, 20% or even more of their conversions on the table!

Can you do this on your own?

Not a very uncommon question, and the answer is: By all means – for sure you can.

But is it worth it?

How much would you value one hour of your time? The processes you have to go through doing it alone is quite time consuming and repetitive.

You are facing the risk of setting up a campaign that is less effective and wasting far more time than expected.

It is a challenge to set up all the various accounts and settings properly. Too many have seen their marketing budget going down into the “black hole” without achieving anything at all for the business. (If you are selling a product or service in New Orleans, how useful will it be to have to pay for visitors to your website from Pakistan or Taiwan? – or Seattle for that matter?)

The short list of what you have to do looks like this:

  • Setup tracking on your website – properly
  • Create your ads
  • Build out Google Retargeting
  • Build out Facebook/IG Retargeting
  • Add Google Branded Search
  • Build out LinkedIn Retargeting
  • Install Google Tag Manager throughout your website.
  • Install Google Analytics and setup goals
  • Setup Google lead form tracking
  • Setup Google call tracking
  • Setup Facebook/IG lead tracking
  • Setup Facebook/IG call tracking

AND – then you have to do the below on a monthly basis to stay “fresh”

  • Swap out your offer ads with new ones
  • Add new testimonial ads
  • Add new season ads
  • Don’t forget annual cycles

The 45 minute video promised you two “gifts” for taking the time to watch it and here they are:

  1. Omin Targeting Cheat Sheet
  2. Top 7 Client Capture Partners


Just click on them to download, they are both pdf-files.

I am sure you agree that our product will be a huge timesaver and, not less important – a guarantee for setting it up right.