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What to do with those visitors?

While the website promotion package will send you visitors that really are interested in your offer, it is also proven that a significant number (of first time visitors) will leave your website without making any purchases.

The “job” for the advertising retargeting package is to follow up with those visitors, presenting them for ads when they are surfing the internet on multiple platforms. Not any kind of ads, and not at any given time. While chances are high for you to have experienced re-targeting ads yourself, chances are also high that those may have been felt more like noise and an annoyance rather than boosting relations and brand awareness. Our package will produce different types of ads that will build that relation and awareness and it is based on a proven method for the highest conversion. Typically results see 40% increase in sales and 89% reduction in advertising costs.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Digital Formula

Gone are the days where businesses was competing on price, quality and customer relations alone. In fact, you can do best on all the above, without seeing your business thriving, simply because customers of today are doing their selections online, – thats before they eventually show up in your store, on- or offline.
“Not visible online” will inevitably exclude you from even being considered by many customers.

Before you proceed checking out the two different packages more thoroughly, let us have a broad overview of what they do and how they act together.

Let’s start with the website promotion package.

It is a fact that “Google searches” are the most important place for a website to be found. Absolutely no other place will you find people actually searching for services and products and beeing open for spending money when/if they find what they are looking for.

Think about it – Say what you like about social media advertising, but, When did you last time open your Facebook account with the purpose of purchasing something? Chances are that you will answer: Never.

Away from impulse purchases, Social media ads serves a different purpose, and we will show you what.


I take it for granted you have some knowledge about the importance of so called search engine optimisation and being found on the first page of Google.

Likewise that you are aware that there are an endless flow of methods to reach such a goal, many may work for an instant of time, some more expensive may work for a while, and regardless, normally these methods requires very timeconsuming follow up.

It is only if you actually are completely playing by Google core rules that you will see a long lasting result, where your website will reside on the first page  and further that it will be suggested (as most relevant) for more and more keywords, (even those not specifically targeted).

Our methods fully meets Googles core rules.

It is simply not possible for Google (or any other search engine for that matter) to ignore a website that get linked to- and get traffic from- a high number of websites that they have recognized of high value.

So, there you have our solution. We are distributing high quality articles, videos, podcasts and other media to a vast number of high quality media outlets (actually more than 400) where we specifically are targeting keywords that ensure those that visit your website really are looking for your product or service – in the location you are covering.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Our system has proven to increase sales by 40% whilst reducing advertising costs by as mush as 85%. Thats the  result from the retargeting package alone.

Combined with the website promotion package, results are going through the roof. While there is no such thing as a guarantee for results, question is why your business could fail? We simply do not take on clients where there is a huge mismatch between quality offered and expectations.

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The ROI Experts

Yet again, we will vet your website, products and services before we take you onboard.

We know what to look for and thus we also know to identify the realistic ROI.

Our service packages are clearly yielding a very high ROI for our existing customers.

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Best Practices

We only provide high-end and top-notch products. Clearly displaying the prizes of the services at our site, thus you shall not have any uncomfortable surprises of having to add more to the bill to get the “ultimate” product.

We strongly believe in transparency and in offering products reasonable prized and in establishing long lasting relations.

As a custmer you shall expect to be invited to try and test eventually new products that suits the existing portfolio, either free or at very discounted prizes.


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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

We recommend our combination package, where the website promotion campaign will drive traffic to your site and the retargeting campaign will make sure you are following your visitors around on the net, on different platforms, eventually turning them into buying customers.

While the website promotion campaign are promoting your business on around 400 different media outlets including social media, it is the retargeting campaign that requires you to set up a number of personal accounts with different social media and configure them correctly. (We will do that for you).

The point is that Social Networks are where people are hanging around nowadays. It is also a fact that Social Network sites carry a lot of authority towards search engines and their ranking algorithms.

So – the answer is basically Yes – it will for sure not hurt to engage with your customers on such networks.

However – here is a twist.

Using our complete package, your engagement with Social Networks would/should no longer be to “hard” promote your business, but much rather actually be your positive way of staying connected, where you no longer struggle with “inventing” content that you think can attract people,  but rather only be posts that you find fun and interesting to post your self.

And THAT is a huge difference.

Yes – good content will always be a source of improving your SEO score.

However, good content can be a challenge to produce and your business website may not be a perfect fit for posting keyword targeting articles. It could end up making your business website confusing for the visitor.

If you go down that path, you will quickly find your self in a situation where you are told you need to set up a mini-site or blog where such content should be posted and then you point that traffic towards your main domain. 

Our website promtion package will take care of distributing keyword targeted articles and other media that will serve as standalone content for specific topics.

For both the website promotion package and the retargeting package there are some production time involved. Roughly around 14 days.

You should be able to see almost immediate effect from both campaigns, however, we would much rather stand by a promise for lasting effects if you allow for our campaigns to last for some months.

Our products are not really intended for “super fast” results, for example where you have a non-planned impulsive type of special offer that you want to make your audience aware of within the next few days.

We may however have other means of potentially doing this that is not covered here. Feel free to drop us a line and we will see what we can do to help.

No – printed advertising is absolutely not dead, but it is a fact that ad spending in the digital market are on a sharp rise and that printed ads are declining. 

Time limited Special offers  and branding is two of the segments that still can serve you well with printed ads. 

At the end – it is your budget, your own experience with various media and (most important) your ROI that will tell you what is right.

In case you are eager to experiment – be careful not to burn all your budget at once.

We believe that our combination package of website promotion and retargeting are a perfect fit for any newbie that wants to promote his/her business. 

You will se results relatively fast and you will have good predictable control of your marketing budget.

Sometimes the word “newbie” is used for those that are starting out with zero budget and are looking for free ways to promote their business. 

That type of newbie are basically investing their own time into their business and that is of course all good, and we wish them all the best. But as you very well know – time is money – and completely free marketing is VERY time consuming.

We are running a business offering high-end products at a very reasonable price and are not engaging into free marketing.

Yes – our products are definitely as “full service” as it can be.

It is actually one of our most important selling points that our campaigns shall require minimal efforts from your side.

You shall be able to focus on your business and harvest the fruits of the work you have paid us to do.

Both our website promotion package and the retargeting packages have very high success rates.

Most clients are experiencing our campaigns to be investments that are yielding very high returns. That is – reduced marketing costs and more customers and profit.

Clients that are canceling our services seems to do that based on slightly unrealistic expectations with regards to how fast they may see results and likely also purchasing our campaigns by stretching their (lower) budgets. At some instances it seems like some wants the campaign to start paying for itself too fast.

We recommend a minimum of three months for our (complete) system to work and thus you need to be prepared for that. 

We also aim to inform properly upfront of the costs involved and what should be realistic result to avoid such misunderstandings.


We strive to make our clients happy

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