Website Promotion and Advertising Done Right

Website Promotion Package

Website Promotion Package

Media Coverage Campaign – Only $1 495/month – Special Offer $995/month

Get featured on some of the biggest name websites in the world.

This association with mainstream and household name brands will position your business as the #1 authority and best choice in your area.

First of all – Who is this for?

This is for local business owners who want to attract more customers, clients, or patients specifically for the products and services that make them the most money for the least effort, and give them the most fulfilment.

You may be an experienced small business owner, used to handle advertising strategies and budgets or you can for sure be an owner that wants to start actively promote your business.

Of course – You need to have a website or some presence on the net.

Please also note that we reserve the right to say “no thank you” if we do not believe that a business fit our webiste promotion package.

Our promise to you:

We shall do our utmost to help you to Attract More Customers, Clients, Or Patients Within The Next 90 Days… Without Changing A Single Thing In Your Business!

Our unique broadcating platform will do Branding for your business the same way as Big Brands do it. In fact our service is perfect for Big Brands as well… While similar services exist, we have not been able to find any such service with our extensive outreach and at our low price.

Combine it with our Advertising package and we dare to say – No other place offer you this.

Whats unique? What makes our website promotion package stand out from the crowd?

To explain what makes this “an offer you can’t refuse” – or perhaps better in this respect – “resist” – let’s have a look at the old way of doing website promotion and then compare this to the new way – OUR WAY.. (I leave out the paid advertising of the “old way” for now as this is so strongly tied up to what our advertising package can do.)

Well, there’s an old way, which is probably the way that you’ve been taught.

It can hardly be called a website promotion package at all as it is more a collection of strategies that includes a lot of manual, time consuming labor.

So the old way of doing things — and you see people  teaching this all the time — is to say:

If you want more customers, you need a Facebook page.

And If you want even more customers, you need to be on Instagram. You’ve got to be posting your pictures, posting your videos, commenting on other people’s posts.

If you want more customers, you’ve got to have a great Twitter feed. You need to be “tweeting” two, three, four times a day.

You need to have a YouTube channel, where you’re posting videos every single week.

Oh, and you need to have a great blog. You’ve got to be producing quality, long-form content for your audience on a regular basis.

And if you want to get traffic to your blog, you need SEO. Which means you need to go and build some backlinks.

Do all of this stuff and then maybe… eventually… by some random act of God… you’ll get more customers.

Tell me, does this make any sense to you?

How many of you guys have been taught one or more of these strategies?

This is what I call the content hamster wheel because, as you know, this isn’t scalable.

Trying to do all of these things is a recipe for burnout.

Plus, as a small business owner, you probably find it extremely difficult to create content. Not to mention the fact you’re busy running a business!

But here’s the thing:

People teach overcomplicated strategies like this because they want to take your money.

People teach overcomplicated strategies like this because they want to keep you busy.

Think about it.

If they’re teaching you a strategy that takes 6 months or a year to work, they’re going to take your money, and they’re going to be long gone by the time you realise it doesn’t work, right?

So if that’s the old way, and we know the old way is stupid, then what’s the new way?

website promotion package

The new way is really simple.

Welcome to our website promotion package!

You don’t need a blog, you don’t need a huge social media following, you don’t need tons of content.

This process can replace all of these things.

I want you to imagine that you had the ability to immediately leverage hundreds of major brands.

This includes some huge sites like:



-Fox News



-And over 300 more!

This ensures that people searching for the products and services you offer are very likely to see you.

And it’s extremely powerful because if your customers miss an important bit of content in one format, they are more likely to see it if you repeat it again but in a different format, in a different location.

So you get on multiple platforms, in multiple formats, and leverage their pre-existing authority and audiences.

Remember, authority is the key to getting the traffic you need.

And just like a megaphone can amplify your voice with no additional effort, this process amplifies your authority so you can increase your visibility online and drive more traffic to your local business website.

So, which strategy would you prefer?

It should go without saying that the new way would be a lot easier to implement, right?

So, at this point, you may be wondering how these brands are actually leveraged.

Well, this graphic offers some insight into how this process works.

Basically, when Google sees that a business is being covered by authority sites, it starts to pay more attention.

Remember, Google tracks everything. Raise your hand if you have an Android phone… 80% of people hand Android… Google tracks everything…

As more people start visiting your site, they make more phone calls, they start walking into physical locations more often, they leave more positive reviews, and they mention your brand more often.

Then, as more and more people start searching for your business online, Google sees this and rewards you with more authority and the cycle repeats.

It’s like word-of-mouth marketing… on steroids.

But the point is, we understand this cycle, and we understand the importance of feeding this cycle constantly.

You need to do the same.

What You need to do to get started:

  • The below link will bring you to a short introduction video.
  • After that video, you will be asked to register your contact details and website information
  • Upon completing that part, you will be taken to a 45 minutes long video that explains the promotion system in details.
  • After the video, you may initiate the order and we will take it from there

What we will do when we get your order:

  • Upon receiving your order, we will go through the details you have given and evaluate your website. In case you have not clearly identified any keyword and best selling points, we may suggest some.
  • Upon agreeing on keywords and selling points, we will get at work and set up your website promotion campaign.
  • Our team of professional writers will produce all the  articles, videos, podcasts and presentations and further distribute it out to the vast number of media outlets